We calculate a percentile ranking for each site based on its irrigation performance over the last 12 months compared to over 4,000 peer sites throughout California.

If a site’s water use stays within the Budget Range, its percentile score is 100. Water use over the Budget Range lowers the score. Water use under the Budget Range also lowers the score but only by a third as much. This scoring encourages sites to consistently follow the seasonal irrigation pattern. While some customers may choose to underwater, our goal is to reduce overwatering without compromising landscape health and appearance.

A score of 75 means that a site has performed better than 75% of its peer sites. A score of 50 means half of its peers are doing better and half are doing worse. A score of 25 means a site is doing better than only 25% of its peers. Efforts to increase irrigation efficiency can improve a site’s percentile rather quickly, as we continually update scores based on the last 12 months of data.

For sites subject to drought-related water curtailments, the percentile score is based on how closely actual water use matches the lower curtailment (Red Line) while in effect.

We also publish a Ranking table with the average site score for each landscape contractor in the program. Our intent is to provide property managers with an objective list of how different landscape contractors measure up to our irrigation efficiency standards. We also list the top public park departments to acknowledge their efficient practices.

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