Landscaper Leaderboard

February 2019

All Counties

Current RankLandscape ContractorAverage
Site Score
1 MMM Landscape87.7
2 M Rizzo Inc80.5
3 RH Dupper Landscaping79.8
4 Creative Outdoor Environments79.5
5Loral Landscaping72.0
6 Procida Landscape69.7
7 Michael Driscoll68.2
8Central Coast Landscape66.2
9 Greener Maintenance66.1
10 Four Peaks Landscape Management63.0
11 Peak Landscape62.0
12 K and D Landscaping61.7
13 Northwest Landscape60.0
14 Silicon Valley Landscape60.0
15 Alpine Landscape Management59.7
16 Professional Landscape Management59.1
17 Landscape Management Professionals58.7
18 Monterey Landscape57.0
19 Grover Landscape Services56.4
20 Genesis Landscape Solutions55.5
21New Image Landscape Company52.8
22 Quilici Gardening52.8
23BrightView: Central Valley CA51.3
24 Ace Landscaping Service50.5
25 Aztec Landscape Maintenance50.4
26 Emerald City Landscape49.5
27 The Landscape Company49.5
28Cagwin and Dorward48.6
29 Alpine Landscapes48.6
30 Terra Verde Landscape48.5
31 Coastal Evergreen Landscape48.4
32 Houle Landscaping47.8
33Jensen Landscape47.8
34 Desert Classic Landscaping47.7
35 LandCare47.7
36 Terracare Associates47.5
37 Locatelli's Landscaping47.0
38 TLC Landscape Company45.8
39 Emerald Landscape Company45.7
40 Hernandez Garden44.5
41 Lyle Crosley44.5
42 Clean Building Maintenance Co.44.5
43 Jose Sanchez Landscaping43.0
44 Landscape Care Co42.5
45 Ultimate Lawn Care42.5
46 Somerset Landscape LLC42.0
47 Klein Gardening40.5
48Pacific Crest Landscape39.7
49 Altius Landscape39.5
50 Baylands Landscape39.0
51 Valley Landscaping39.0
52 J. Cozzolino Landscape Management38.5
53 Immaculate Landscape38.5
54 Harvest Moon Landscape38.5
55 Dinsmore Landscape Company38.0
56 Nature's Landscaping38.0
57 Coast Landscape Management38.0
58FloraTerra Landscape Management37.7
59 Paradise Landscape37.4
60 Common Ground Landscape36.8
61 A&D Landscaping36.3
62 Bay Pro Landscape Services35.9
63 F & H Landscaping and Maintenance35.5
64 Vargas Gardening Service35.5
65 Arreolas Landscaping35.4
67 Burnett Landscape35.0
68 Crystal Springs Landscape34.5
69 Bigtree Landscaping34.3
70 One Source Landscape and Golf34.2
71Allied Landscape Services32.9
72Gothic Landscape CA32.8
73 California Landscapes32.5
74 C and B Landscaping31.8
75 Neu-Scapes31.5
76BrightView: Bay Area31.4
77 Three Rivers Landscaping Services30.3
78 ABM30.0
79 Serpico Landscaping30.0
80 Green Seasons Landscape28.8
81 Land Services27.0
82 Marathon Landscape Services27.0
83JPA Landscaping26.8
84 Gold Medal Landscape25.7
85 Greenline Landscaping25.0
86 Sundance Landscape Maintenance24.5
87 Bella Vista Landscape24.0
88Bayscape Landscape23.9
89Medallion Landscape Management22.9
90 FMA Landscape22.2
91 Universal Site Services22.0
92 Del Conte Landscaping21.0
93 Vicente Maciel Landscaping20.8
94 Building Services Maintenance20.5
95 Aqua Green Landscape19.5
96 Petalon Landscape Management19.4
97 Leon and Son Landscaping19.3
98 Capital Landscape18.5
99 Mosqueda Landscape15.0
100 Silicon Valley Site Services14.5
101 Henry's Sand Hill Landscaping14.0
102 Banksia Landscape9.5
103 Earthcare Maintenance9.0
104 Magnificent Landscaping8.5
105 Bianco Landscape Management8.0
106 Modica Landscaping7.7
107 GP Landscape5.0
108 Eco Landscape and Tree3.5

Each site in our program gets a percentile score ranging from 1 to 100 based on how closely actual water use tracks to its Budget Range over the last 12 months relative to all other sites in the program. If a site’s water use stays within the Budget Range in each month, its score is 100. Water use over the Budget Range lowers the score. Water use under the Budget Range also lowers the score but only by a third as much. This scoring encourages sites to consistently follow the seasonal irrigation pattern. While some customers may choose to underwater, our goal is to reduce overwatering without compromising landscape health and appearance.

A score of 75 means that a site has performed better than 75% of its peer sites. A score of 50 means half of its peers are doing better and half are doing worse. A score of 25 means a site is doing better than only 25% of its peers. Efforts to increase irrigation efficiency can improve a site’s percentile rather quickly, as we continually update scores based on the last 12 months of data.

The table above ranks organizations (with 2 or more sites) based on average site score (best at top). The table is updated monthly.

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